Les Clos Perdus Project 108 Cabirou 2020

kr. 170,00

Jancis Robinson: 17,5 points
“Golden and slightly cloudy. Smells of quince, kumquat and marmalade – and, a tiny bit, like tofu. And then something delicately floral. Fabulous! This is fresh walnuts, bitter marmalade, sweet citrus, spicy apricots, salty fruit leather, cumin and saffron. Deep flavours, deep tang and deep fruit, but underpinned by a strong, confident savouriness that actually reminds me of tempeh, and something a little animal, like pork crackling or pork scratchings. Day two, day three, day four, day five, this wine kept on giving. Stimming with tension and tang. A wine that you want to taste upside down, from a saucer, under a mushroom, and Alice in Wonderland sips tea with a rabbit, croquet is a game of dreams and the clock ticks ticks ticks. I repeat: this is fabulous! (NB, I much preferred this at around 14/15 °C (57/59 °F). Please don’t drink it too cold. It’s not a white wine.) (TC)”

6 på lager

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