Les Clos Perdus L’Extrème Llum De Lluna 2022

kr. 199,00

For årgang 2020 – Jancis Robinson: 17 points
“What is it about Paul Old’s wines that sets me searching for half-remembered poems and haunting Celtic music and art that is cold-hot with the tang of metal and restlessness and dissonance that is, yet, resolved? I taste this wine and the word is disruptive. Not angry, not dramatic and not even remotely attention-seeking. Just a wine that seems to taste of questions, of urgent listening. Grenache in furrows of angst. Tasting this wine sends me spinning to Kathleen Jamie’s words when she writes, ‘Do I judge? I mind the hammer-swing, the welders’ flash, the heavy steel-built hulls I bore downstream … So these days, I’m a listener, aye. Think of me as a long level liquid ear gliding slowly by.’ I wonder, in that moment, whether my fingers are too tight as I write this tasting note. It, this wine, has those brushed-iron-tinged-with-rust notes, that bloodiness; audaciously raw in a way that shocks me and at the same time undoes me. It’s anything but ordinary. (TC)”

36 på lager

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